Because I like bullet points, here is a life plan:

  • Finish writing book & get it online by my birthday (18)
  • Pass with A*s in all A levels (19)
  • Get into Oxford (and possibly Harvard) and then reject them (19)
  • Take a gap year and spend it in Windlesham (20)
  • Go to Edinburgh uni for Chinese studies & Russian (20 - ?)

I’m not sure if I even got the approximate ages right but whatever I’m tired

In the meantime, though, here is a summer plan:

  • Get out of hospital
  • Get self to England
  • Oxford uni summer school + that creative writing course
  • Stop biting my nails
  • Stop getting angry at people who capitalise words for no reason
  • (example: “I suffer with an Eating Disorder” oh my God YOU ARE NOT GERMAN AND ‘EATING DISORDER’ IS NOT A PROPER NOUN)
  • Breathe
  • Do maths. Lots of maths.
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